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The Culinary Curiosity exhibition is a celebration of technical innovation in the world of food drawn from the personal collections of food industry veterans, Mel and Janet Mickevic. It is currently being displayed at Kendall College at National Louis University on 18 S Michigan Ave, Chicago IL.

More than 250 objects are organized in the displays according to food preparation techniques—mixing, roasting, forming, and so on. They are interpreted to reveal technological innovations.

Experience the virtual Culinary Curiosity exhibition in two ways:

Virtual Exhibit Menu

Virtual Exhibit Menu

By selecting the Virtual Exhibit menu, visitors can browse key artifacts from 12 displays. Slide over the images of objects to zoom into details.

Principle Menu

Virtual Exhibit Menu

Tools in the collection represent varied approaches to challenges in culinary work. By choosing from this menu, visitors see examples of innovative solutions in 17 food preparation techniques.

Examine details of the artifacts by sliding across the images.