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liquid refreshments

Beverages bring comfort, complement camaraderie, and provide the centerpiece for enjoying varied cultural experiences, from a Japanese teahouse or a Viennese cafÃ, to a British pub or a French winery.

Equipment for the preparation and storage of liquid refreshments relies upon precise scientific instrumentation; artists and master craftspeople create beautiful serving vessels and utensils. Storage and presentation containers for liquids provide critical anthropological evidence for the study of human communities.

This display's objects from varied cultures offer clues to times, tastes, and practices. The items here demonstrate the art and science required for the preparation, storage, and serving of milk, coffee, chocolate, tea, wine, and beer. Vessels for heating, carrying, and pouring such liquid refreshments embody both function and ceremony.

Before refrigeration, beer was served warm and local brew was sold by the bucket. A milk pail provides clues to government policies, and a carved gourd suggests climatic requirements and community traditions of food preservation.

Whet your curiosity and consider the central importance of liquid refreshments to life and community.