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Savory Pressed Steak Mould and Meat Molds

Display: Hearth to Cookstove
Culinary Technique: forming

Date: c. 1930

Manufacturer: Griffith Laboratories, Inc.

Location: Alsip, Illinois

Dimensions: 2" h x 5" w x 8" d

These aluminum molds were produced during the 1930s and sold to meat packers or sausage producers. Meat, mixed with breadcrumb binders and flavorings, was pressed into forms that shaped it to look like chicken drumsticks, lamb chops, or beef steaks. These processed meats were roasted or deep-fat fried for tasty and inexpensive family meals during the Great Depression's meat shortages. The meat could also be sold on a stick at carnivals. Griffith Laboratories today is a global manufacturer of food ingredients.