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Whetstone quiver

Display: Global Gastronomy
Culinary Technique: transport

Date: c. 1850

Manufacturer: marked "L.M."

Dimensions: 2.75" h x 3.25" w x 10.75" d

This quiver held a whetstone used to sharpen knives or scythes. The hook carved into its wooden shaft enabled a user to clip it to a strap or belt for hands-free carrying to the work site. Sometimes such quivers, with holes through which cords were laced, were worn around the neck. A farmer stabbed the quiver's pointed tip into the ground so the sheath would remain upright, then filled it with water, as a wet stone worked better to sharpen a scythe. Tools needed sharpening regularly throughout a long day of cutting wheat. The quiver is marked "L.M.," possibly the owner's initials.