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Display: Hearth to Cookstove
Culinary Technique: heat transfer

Date: c. 1800

Manufacturer: Falk Company

Location: Scotland

Dimensions: 8" h x13" w x 13" d

Watch collection donor Mel Mickevic demonstrate this object with
Dean Christopher Koetke, School of Culinary Arts, Kendall College,
and Victoria Matranga, exhibition curator.

A common item among any cook's equipment, this simple, cast-iron disk was used for baking flat breads or pancakes. It hung from a rod in a hearth or sat upon hot coals in a fireplace or on a grate. When cookstoves replaced hearths in the United States beginning in the 1840s, these same griddles were used on early stovetops. Today cookware in similar forms is available in stainless steel and other durable materials.